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The Murder of Tabitha Raines

In Tipton, Indiana on October 5, 2002, the body of Tabitha Raines was found dead in a creek. No one had been convicted in 18 years. Who killed Tabitha? October 2002 At the time of her murder, Tabitha was married with a 6 month old son. Her husband was perusing a degree in mechanics and business. He was in Indianapolis taking a test he missed when family urged him to come home. They also told him he needed to file a missing persons report. Her family and friends began searching immediately. They knew something wasn't right. They looked all over. Even in the park where she was ultimately found. 3 days after she was last seen, 2 kids went fishing at Cicero Creek. That is when the discovered the body of Tabitha floating in the creek. She had been shot in the head. Police were able to collect some evidence that was sent off for testing. When toxicology came back, she had alcohol and cocaine in her system. In the meantime, they focused on Michael Raines as their suspect. New Suspects