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The Disappearance of Erica Fraysure

October 21, 1997, Erica Fraysure disappeared without a trace in the tiny town of Brooksville, Kentucky. Her car was found the next day but she has never been seen again. Where is Erica Fraysure? Who was Erica Fraysure? Erica Fraysure was a senior at Bracken County High School. She was planning to attend Northern Kentucky University after graduation to study accounting. She made a request for more hours at Carota's Pizza to save money. Erica was a great student who was witty and funny. Her home life was normal according to all the information I have found. She was a typical small-town girl. Erica had recently been hanging out with a "rough crowd". There are no indications that something would have caused her to walk away from her life on her own. October 21, 1997 Erica was seen between 9 and 10 pm at Video-N-Tan. She was driving toward her home in Germantown, Kentucky. Ultimately, Erica never arrived home . She had spent the evening "cruising" around town wit