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The Murder of Thelma Mooney

Ironton, Ohio is a town of about 10,500 people. In 2007, the murder of Thelma Mooney rocked the community. The 83 year old mother and grandmother was brutally stabbed in her own home.  A Tragic Discovery The night if February 17th, Thelma Mooney heard someone knocking at her front. This startled her so much that she called her son. Her son, Dan, who walked over with his teenage daughter, Lindsey. The pair came inside and notes that Thelma was visibly nervous. However, when everything was checked out and seemed to be fine. What was unusual, as they excited the home, Thelma locked the door right away. She had always waited until her family was on the sidewalk every other time.  The next morning, a neighbor called Ron because Thelma's porch light was still on and her newspaper was in the driveway. This was very unusual for her.  Lindsey immediately ran to her grandmother's home. She had had trouble sleeping the night before worried about Thelma. She had begged to spend the night b