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The Disappearance of Rachael Garden

On a spring day in 1980, Rachael Garden was walking from a corner market to a friend's home in Newton, New Hampshire but never arrived. Over 30 years later, she has never been found. Where is Rachael Garden? Rachael was the oldest of four children and usually ended up babysitting her siblings. The 15 year-old was a freshman in high school and was known for being outspoken and friendly. Rachael was known to be rebellious at times. She was known to occasionally skip school to smoke, drink and hang out with friends in the woods off of Maple Avenue. She was also vocal about not liking her parents rules or having to watch her siblings regularly.  The night Rachael Garden disappeared, she was carrying her dark blue tote bag with "Things" printed on it into Rowe's corner market. Peter Jewett, the owner of Rowe's, said that she bought a pack of cigarettes before leaving the shop and headed toward Maple Avenue. She never made it to her friend's home or back to her ho