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The Disappearance of Heather Teague

August 26, 1995, should have been just another day at Newburgh Beach in Henderson County, Kentucky for Heather Danyelle Teague. Unfortunately, this is the last place she was seen. Almost 25 years later and not one trace since her bikini was found in the woods behind the beach. What happened to Heather? What Happened to Heather? While Heather was relaxing and getting some sun on Newburgh Beach, a man came up behind her and drug her into the woods. At least that's what an eye witness says happened. I know what you are thinking... there was an eye witness to this?!?  Yes, there was despite being in the middle of nowhere. A man was looking at Heather through a telescope from across the Ohio River. Pervy, right?  According to the eye witness, a white man approximately 6 feet tall with brown hair and a bushy beard came up behind Heather and dragged her into the woods. He also claimed that the attacker had on a mosquito net and wig. This all happened just before 1 pm that afternoon. Af