About Me

We all have that one case that drew us into true crime. My passion didn't end once that case did. Between disappearances, murders, serial murders... you can find it all here.

Hey y'all! When I started my original blog, Eye See Scarlett, in 2017, my purpose was to share our journey with our daughter's rare diseases. Over time that morphed into Kentuckiana Momma but I still felt that there was something missing. And that is how we ended up here. 

Just a mom with a passion for true crime cases. From the unsolved to cold cases to solved... I cover them all. 

The amount of unsolved murders and disappearances is staggering. Shining a light on these cases are a focus of my writing. Finding cases that were overlooked or even downright ignored is one of my main missions with this blog. 

Being an advocate for my daughter, Scarlett, has taught me that standing up for those that cannot do it for themselves is something we need more of. 

Now, dont get me wrong, I am all about True Crime but I will also have a section dedicated to our journey with Scarlett's 2 rare eye conditions. Just like victim's families, parents of kids with special needs need to know they are not alone as well. 

In addition, I will be providing books and podcasts to check out as well. There are so many awesome authors and podcasters within the true crime community. And this community is an amazing one to be a part of. 

So, pull up a chair, grab a drink, and take a journey with me. 


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