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The Disappeaance of Jie Zhao Li

On February 11, 1988, 12 year old Jie Zhao Li was going door to door selling tickets for a class fundraiser. She would never return home.  Jie was given a watch by her mother before she started to go door to door in her neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawaii. She told her mother that she would be back by 6 pm and then left the family's apartment on Nuuanu Avenue. The Li family had only moved to Hawaii just three years prior from China.  The last sighting of Jie was just a few blocks from her home at a 7-11. She was approaching people going into or out of the store. She was seen talking to man around this time. Witnesses said that he was a white male around six feet tall with dark blonde hair. He was said to be between 30-35 years old. A sketch was done of this man and he was considered a suspect. It was also said that she may have gotten into a 1950's sedan but efforts to locate the car came to a dead end. Witnesses said that this man had dark skin and a ponytail when he was seen at

The Murder of Gary Grant Jr

On the morning of January 12, 1984, 7 year old Gary Grant Jr told his mom, May,, he had an appointment that day. That was the last time he was seen alive.  The Disappearance of Gary Grant Jr Gary Jr left home around noon. While it was an odd choice of words, his mom just assumed her was being a silly kid saying he had an appointment. She thought he was just meeting up with his friends. When she asked who it was with, the boy replied that it was a secret. Gary Jr told his mom that he would be back home around four that afternoon. His parents had been separated for a year and he lived with his mom.  At 4:30, May began to worry since Gary Jr wasn't home yet. So she went down the street to the friend's home she thought he was at only to discover that they hadn't seen him. At 6pm, with no sign of her son, she called her husband at work. Gary Grant Sr was a police officer with the Atlantic Ciry Police Department. Gary Sr left work to immediately start searching for his son. By th

The Murder of Jessica Watson and Matthew Macerato

The night of December 26, 2004 was a busy night at Casual Male Big and Tall Store with the holidays. No one knew the tragedy that was to come. That night the bodies of Jessica Watson and Matthew Macerato we discovered after they did not come home from their shift.  Who were Jessica and Matthew? Jessica Watson was a 22 year old single mom who was studying at Delaware State University. According to her family, she was friendly and loved helping people. She had worked at Casual Male for one year and was recently promoted to assistant manager.  Matthew Macerato was 18 years old. He came from a big family. According to those who knew him, he was soft spoken and was planning a career in music. Matthew had only worked at the store for one week. The night he was murdered, he actually picked up that shift to help a coworker out.  The Tragic Events of December 26, 2004 The store closed that night at 6 pm. The last known customer left a few minutes after six and remembers Matthew unlocking the do

The Disappearance of Nathaniel Holmes

On the morning of December 19, 2017, 17 yesr old Nathaniel Holmes was dropped off at school by his mom. He has never been seen again.  That morning when his mom dropped him off at Hidden Lake High School in Westminster, Colorado was just a normal morning. She was planning on picking him up that afternoon. His dad, Ben, had custody of Nathaniel since his parents divorce nine years earlier.  According to his father, Nathaniel had gotten into trouble recently. He was transferred from his online school to Hidden Lake about five weeks prior to his disappearance after falling behind on his studies. The night of December 18th, according to his father, Nathaniel appeared to be on something. Since Ben had to go to work, he sent him to his mother's house so he could be monitored.  Once at school, Nathaniel went to the principals office and requested to see a friend. After the principal refused to pull the student from class, Nathaniel walked out of the building. He was not present for any cl

The Murder of Susan Sayles

On May 23, 1979 Susan Sayles spoke with her mother. Just an hour later, she was murdered in her home. Susan was originally from Austin, Minnesota but had moved to away and was working as a secretary for the University of Minnesota Dental School. While she was at the University of Minnesota, she met a dental student and they became involved. She was planning on moving to Fargo, North Dakota with him.  But on that May day, after she didn't show up for work, a friend and coworker went to her home to check on her. That is when her body was discovered. Susan had been sexually assaulted and strangled. Over 100 pieces of evidence was collected from the scene. This was also one of the first cases that a psychological profile was developed. The case went cold but has been reopened a few times in the hopes that advances in testing would solve the case. Suzanne bit her attacker. There was hope that DNA would be recovered from her clothing.  The Sayles family believes that Susan knew her kille