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The Disappearance of Mindi Chambers

On the morning of October 19, 1982, 17 year old Mindi Chambers walked her stepsisters to school in Tempe, Arizona. That was the last time they would see Mindi.  A History of Tragedy In 1968, Mindi's mother was murdered. Mary was drowned in the bathtub of their home. Her father, Allen was a suspect but never charged. When Mindi was 2 years old, her father went to prison on unrelated charges. From this time until the age of 7, Mindi lived with her grandmother.  When Allen was released, Mindi went back to living with him. The Days Leading Up to Mindi's Disappearance  Then, just a few days before she disappeared, Mindi reported to police that her father had been molesting her for years. They immediately placed her with her stepmother who was separated from her father at the time. The couple were divorcing. However, CPS quickly dropped the investigation. Allen actually hung up on CPS when they called him regarding the allegations.  When her sisters arrived home that day, Mindi was n

The Disappearance of Timothy Guy

In 1987, stable hand Timothy Guy was last seen getting into a car with a man named Jeff at Sleepy Fox Farms in Forsyth, Georgia.  Timothy had recently moved to Forsyth from Snellville, Georgia. He had a learning disability which made him act younger than he was according to his family. Tim, as his family called him, had become a stable hand on the horse farm.  Other workers at Sleepy Fox Farms said that they last saw Tim around 9:00 p.m. on February 7, 1987. The foreman, Phillip Klinger, provided the following information about the mysterious "Jeff". Jeff was driving a 1972-1974 Chevy Impala. He was "big boned" with a muscular build and had brown hair and a beard. His last name is not known.  The Guy family questions if Jeff was even a real person. Due to Phillip Klinger's history of numerous arrests and the information that Warren Guy, Tim's dad, learned from a man named Tom Black. Mr Black is said to have told Warren that he discovered what happened to Tim

The Murder ofJodie Lynn Bordeaux

The night of November 21, 1997 was much like many other nights for Jodie Lynn Bordeaux and her husband, Shawn, until they heard noises outside their home.  Jodie and Shawn lived in a farmhouse on the Kickapoo reservation. After hearing these noises, they got up from watching tv to investigate. Jodie had stepped outside her home and that is when she was shot. As Shawn was calling 911, he was desperately attempting CPR on his wife knowing that she was gone in an effort to possibly save their baby. The shot that killed Jodie also killed their unborn baby she was carrying.  Jodie was a part of the management team at the Golden Eagle Casino on the Kickapoo Reservation in Powhattan, Kansas. While it seems that she enjoyed her job, she was having issues with an employee. This employee was terminated but he filed a grievance against Jodie. As a result of this, Jodie was also let go from her job at the time, although she was petitioning the Kickapoo Tribal Council to get her job back. Around th

The Disappearance of Morgan Nick

In the small town of Alma, Arkansas, 6 year old Morgna Nick is abducted from a little league game. Her mother has never given up the search.  On the night of June 9, 1995, Morgan and her mother, Colleen, went to a little league game. Colleen reluctantly let Morgan go play with friends who wanted to catch fireflies around 10:30 p.m. Once the game ended, Colleen saww the other kids but not Morgan. When she asked where her daughter was the kids replied she was near their car. However, once Colleen arrived at the car, Morgan was nowhere to be found.  The kids told police that they saw Morgan around 10:45 p.m. emptying sand from her shoes near her family car. They also revealed that there was a "creepy" man talking to Morgan around this time.  Other witnesses describe seeing a man in his 20s-30s with combed back, salt and pepper hair. He appeared to be around 6" tall and approximately 180lbs. The man also had a mustache, hairy chest, and was only wearing a pair of cut off jea