The Disappearance of Sherry Lynn Marler

In June 1984, Sherry Lynn Marler got a dollar from her stepfather to go get a soda while he took care of some business at the bank. This was the last time he would see her ever again. 

June 6, 1984 in Greenville, Alabama, 13 year old Sherry Lynn Marler was out running errands that morning with her stepdad, Raymond Stringfellow. They went to the First National Bank where he gave her money to buy a drink across the street at a gas station. Raymond told Sherry to meet him at their truck that was parked behind a nearby furniture store in 15 minutes. He wasn't too concerned when he arrived at the truck and she wasn't there. However, another 15 minutes passed and he became concerned. He called down the Waffle House where Sherry's mom, Betty, worked to see if she had gone to visit her at work. 

At 11:46 a.m., Sherry Lynn Marler was reported missing and the search began. There was no sign of Sherry to be found but there were some sightings after she left the bank that day.

Sherry was a tomboy who loved working on the family farm. She was close with them and not the type of kid to just run away. The police investigated Raymond but he was never named as a suspect. Sherry just vanished into thin air. 

The were two consistent things about each of Sherry's sightings was the man she was seen with. He was said to have been around 50 years old, approximately 5'8" tall and had a huskier build. Witnesses also said that he had a rugged or "weathered" complexion. Each of the witnesses also said that Sherry appeared dazed and disheveled. The last sighting of Sherry Lynn Marler was at a mall in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1984. 

No one knows where Sherry is. 

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sherry Lynn Marler, please contact the Greenville Police Department at 334-382-7461.



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