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The Disappearance of Sherry Lynn Marler

In June 1984, Sherry Lynn Marler got a dollar from her stepfather to go get a soda while he took care of some business at the bank. This was the last time he would see her ever again.  June 6, 1984 in Greenville, Alabama, 13 year old Sherry Lynn Marler was out running errands that morning with her stepdad, Raymond Stringfellow. They went to the First National Bank where he gave her money to buy a drink across the street at a gas station. Raymond told Sherry to meet him at their truck that was parked behind a nearby furniture store in 15 minutes. He wasn't too concerned when he arrived at the truck and she wasn't there. However, another 15 minutes passed and he became concerned. He called down the Waffle House where Sherry's mom, Betty, worked to see if she had gone to visit her at work.  At 11:46 a.m., Sherry Lynn Marler was reported missing and the search began. There was no sign of Sherry to be found but there were some sightings after she left the bank that day. Sherry w

The Murder of Analissa Monares-Leon

Just before 5 a.m. on an October morning in 2007, shots were fired into the West Dakota Avenue home killing Analissa Monares-Leon.  Analissa was a 7 year old in Tucson, Arizona. She is said to have been sensitive, courageous, and loved helping other people. Analissa loved school and her smile could light up a room.  That night Analissa was sleeping on the living room couch when shots were fired. She was struck and killed. According to police this was not a random shooting but no further details were provided to say why they feel this.  Neighbors say that there was a Chevy Tahoe and an Oldsmobile sedan in the area around 1:30 that morning. They also reported seeing 2 men under 25 in the area (one was wearing a baseball cap) just after the shooting. If you have any information regarding the murder of Analissa Monares-Leon, please call the Pima County Attorney Tip Line at 520-882-7463 Sources: KOLD Cold Cases 2008 Article 2007 Article

The Murder of Ashley Oakland

Just before 2 p.m. on April 8, 2011 an employee of Rottlund Homes heard from inside the model townhouse in West Des Moines, Iowa. When he went inside he discovered the body of Ashley Oakland. Ashley Oakland was a 27 year old realtor who was kind and very trusting. She would spend her free time volunteering with different organizations including Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Iowa. Her murder shocked the community and made national headlines for weeks after. However, despite this, the case went cold quickly. There was no evidence to indicate that there was a struggle before she was shot. Ashley had also sent text messages only a few minute before it is believed that she was killed and nothing seemed out of the norm. Her family believes that she knew her killer and they will never give up looking for who killed Ashely.  Due to her love of volunteering and giving back to the community,  the Iowa Association of Realtors helped to develop the Ashley Oakland Star Playground which op

The Murder of Monica and Dalton Rollins

On September 16, 2002, family members became concerned that they had not heard from Monica and went to her home on Sugar Hill Road in Heflin, Alabama. It was then that the body of 36 week pregnant Monica and her son, Dalton, were discovered. The only survivor was Monica's 2 year old son who was hiding in a closet with a flashlight. Monica, Dalton and her unborn baby had bee. Killed several days before.  Police have not released cause of death or hardly any other information regarding this case to the public.  In 2015, the Alabama State Attorney's Office stepped in to assist with the case. At this same time police said that they were looking into something related to the murders that had been known for some time. Yet, again, no further detail was provided. The state that the case is still active.  If you have any information regarding the murders of Monica and Dalton Rollins, please call the Heflin Police Department at 256-463-2291.  Sources: Alabama Unsolved WBRC Alabama Attorn

The Disappearance of Leigh Occhi

In Tupelo, Mississippi as Hurrican Andrew entered the area 13 year old Leogh Occhi disappeared.  The morning of August 27, 1992 was a stormy one. Vickie, Leigh's mom, was reluctant to let her stay home by herself but her grandma was supposed to pick her up soon for the open house at her school. Leigh was a smart, sweet girl who was about to start the 8th grade. This was the first time Leigh Occhi had stayed home alone so when her calls went unanswered her mom became concerned.  By 9 a.m, Vickie had reported Leigh missing to police. She had left their home on Honey Locust Drive around 7:45a.m. and left work early when she couldn't get Leogh on the phone. When she got to the house the garage door was open and the light was on indicating someone had just opened the door. Leigh was nowhere to be found.  As police investigated the scene, they did not see any signs of forced entry. However, there were fresh, wet blood stains in the home. Blood was found on the walls, carpet, bathroom