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The Disappearance of Amber Swartz Garcia

In Pinole, California on June 3, 1988, 7 year old Amber Swartz Garcia was playing in her front yard. Around 4:15 p.m. Amber was abducted from her own yard where she had been jumping rope.  That day Amber and her mom were expecting friends. Amber Swartz Garcia was dependent on medication for migraines and was hearing impaired. It was outside of the norm for her to play outside alone but this afternoon her mom made an exception. While Amber was playing in the yard, her mother, Kim, was inside cooking dinner. The friends arrived and when she realized Amber wasn't there they immediately began searching. Amber's hearing aid and her medication was still at home. The day after she was abducted a pair of pink socks were found in a nearby park. Her mother believes that they are Amber's.  Unfortunately this wasn't the first tragedy to hit the Swartz Garcia family. Amber's father, Floyd "Bernie" Swartz was a police office killed in the line of duty before her birth. 

The Murder of Jeanette "Charlie" Atwater

On January 16, 2000 the body of Jeanelle "Charlie" Atwater was discovered in the trunk of a car that had been on fire around 3:30 that morning.  The discovery of her remains came after firefighters put out the car that was on fire in the Metro Park area of Billings, Montana. The 1987 Cutlass was registered to Jeanette but how did the mother of three come to be in the trunk and who started the fire.  The night that her body was discovered, Jeanette "Charlie" Atwater had been at a local bar on Main Street with some coworkers. Prior to that, the group had been at a local bowling alley for a work party. Last call was around 2 a.m. and that was the last time that she was seen. No one saw Charlie leave. By 2:15 a.m. the parking lot of the bar was empty.  There was a gas station where an interesting person came in around 3 a.m. There was an unidentified white male who came in and bought one dollar of gas and took some matches from the counter. Police did in fact find a gas

The Murder of Trish Haynes

Trisha Haynes had recently moved from Florida to New Hampshire in the summer of 2018. Shad had been living in the Grafton/Dansbury area when she disappeared in May or June of that year. After not hearing from Trisha in a while and not seeing any social media activity, her family became concerned. That was not like her especially not cashing checks that she would need to cover her living expenses. This is when they called police and the search for Trisha Haynes began. For the next four months, multiple police agencies were involved in the search for the missing woman.  Authorities had focused in on an address on Main Street in where Trisha was living with Douglas Smith and his wife, Ashley. Douglas has a lengthy criminal history including sexual assault, burglary, resisting arrest, and various other charges. When the property was searched, K-9 units were also brought in. Finally in September of 2018, the body of Trisha was found in a washing machine in Grant's Pond which is in Graft