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12 of the Absolute Best True Crime Books

I'm taking time off from researching and writing for a bit but wanted to share some of my favorite true crime books, podcasts, tv shows and documentaries. I'm compiling a list of new unsolved cases to cover and will back to our normal posts soon. There is a true crime renaissance going on right now. Podcasts and investigators turn to crowdsourcing to find new leads in cold cases. Webslueths and Reddit have created an army of Keyboard Detectives. While there are tons of web pages with endless information, here are the absolute best true crime books out there. In the genre, there are authors that are very well known for true crime, like Ann Rule, and others who are lesser-known. Sometimes that one-off book by an investigative journalist is better than a book by a seasoned author. I hope you find a new case to look in to with the list below! The Books 1. Little Lost Angel by Michael Quinlan  is the book that started it all for me. This case happened 30 minutes from my childhood