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The Murder of Fiona Yu

In 1997, Arizona University student, Fiona Yu, was sexually assaulted and murdered. Over 20 years later and such little information is out there about this unsolved case.  Fiona was a 21 year old student who was studying accounting and was in her senior year. She was renting an apartment in Tempe, Arizona with her roommate. Around 4:30 pm on August 7, 1997, a neighbor saw Fiona riding on her bicycle around the neighborhood. That was the last time she was seen alive.  Approximately 90 minutes later, her roommate returned home to discover Fiona on the second floor clinging to life. She had been strangled and later died from her injuries. Police were able to collect DNA from the scene.  20 years later and that DNA was able to rule out a few suspects but ultimately no solid leads have ever developed. That is when police, who had never given up on the case, turned to a newly developed DNA technology. Parabon NanoLabs was able to use the DNA evidence with Snapshot DNA Phenotyping. This provi

The Disappearance of Pearl Pinson

May 26, 2016 was a normal morning for 15 year old, Pearl Pinson, as she left home in Vallejo, California around 7am to walk to school . However, that would be the last time her family would see her. Not far from her home, witnesses saw a Hispanic male with a gun dragging a bloody Pearl across the overpass on Interstate 780 near Taylor Avenue. Witnesses called 911 and reported hearing a gunshot as she was dragged to the 1997 gold Saturn. A witness was able to identify her abductor as 19 year old Fernando Castro. However, by the time police arrived, all that was left on the overpass was a spot of blood and Pearl's cell phone.  Pearl Pinson was a happy girl with dreams of becoming a veterinarian or firefighter. She is described as fiesty, having a big heart, and smart. Unfortunately, as far as we know these are still only dreams. Who is Fernando Castro? Initially, it was thought that Fernando and Pearl had known one another and possibly dated. However this had been disproved by police

The Murder of Nanette Krentel

July 14, 2017 seemed to be just another day. Nanette Krentel and her husband, Steve, woke up and went throughout their usual morning routine. Steve Krentel was the fire chief a the St. Tammany Fire Protection District Number 12. However, this day would not end as it normally did for the couple living in Lacombe, Louisiana.  Nanette Krentel was a retired teacher. The 49 year old left home that morning to run a few errands with her beloved dog. She was seen on camera at a McDonald's in Slidell. Both her cell phone and credit card records back up this sighting at the fast food chain. She was then seen again driving by a home near her own on security camera just after 9 am. She called in a prescription refill later that morning and then a placed a call from her cell phone around 1:30pm. A call to 911 was placed around 2:30 pm. The first 2 units on scene were from the St. Tammany Parish Sherriff's Office. Their camera footage shows that Steve's unit was the first from the fire d

The Disappearance of Athena Curry

On May 27, 2011, 20 year old Athena Curry walked out of her boyfriend's home in Atlanta, Georgia after an argument and has never been seen again. Where is Athena? Athena Curry was a young mother of a baby boy, King. She grew up the youngest of 5 kids in Oregon. Athena had dreams of becoming a pediatrician. In order to persue in state tuition in Georgia, she moved in with her sister, Aisha, in Duluth.  She had had a tumultuous relationship with her son's father, Yusif Mujahid including his arrest after hitting her. This is why her family was shocked when she announced that she was going to be moving in with him so they could raise their son together. She took public transportation from where she lived with her sister in Duluth to Atlanta that Friday. Neither Athena or Yusif had a car. Aisha, Athena's sister, spoke with her just after midnight the day she disappeared. This was the last time she spoke with her sister. When Athena and King did not return home on Monday, Aisha c