The Murder of Chelsea Johnson

April 15, 2012 was the last time Chelsea Johnson was seen alive in Fairfield, Ohio. Who killed this 15 year old girl?

24 hours after she last saw her daughter, Vicky Fible, reported her daughter missing. She last saw Chelsea leaving their home to go to a local store. She had not seen or heard from her daughter since 11:30 am that morning. Although she was concerned that her daughter had not returned home, she believed that she had to wait 24 hours to report her missing. Which is a false assumption that many people have. Her parents had no idea what had happened to their happy, bubbly daughter. 

The day after she went missing a neighbor stated that she had said something about going to the creek to fish. This neighbor was the last person to see Chelsea alive. Once her step father heard this information, he headed to a local creek to search for her. That is the area where her step father and a family friend discovered her body. Chelsea Johnson had been stabbed to death.

In the days leading up to her murder, Chelsea received a text message from a family acquaintance, George Davis. Davis offered Chelsea valium initially but then offered heroin in exchange for sex. This lead to George Davis pleading guilty to drug charges but he was never charged with anything related to her murder. To this day, he is the only named person in connection to Chelsea's death. 

Two years go by and the family says they are getting different information from the police and the prosecutor's office. It was determined using CCTV footage that Chelsea made it to her destination that day but nothing is known for sure after she left. According to the family, the police believe that there is enough evidence for an arrest but the prosecutor disagrees. This brings great frustration to the family. By this point, police have also ruled out any connection to the death of Katelyn Markham.

In 2015, a Butler County grand jury is presented the case, however no indictment was issued. The following year, police finally state that they have a person of interest in the case but do not provide a name. While the case is cold, it was announced in 2020 that the Ohio Attorney General's Cold Case Unit will be taking a look at Chelsea's case. 

The family of Chelsea Johnson has not spoken to law enforcement in years. Her mother, Vicky, took and passed a lie detector in connect to her daughter's death. She also believes that the police botched the investigation from the beginning.

If you have any information regarding the death of Chelsea Johnson, please contact the Fairfield Police Department at 513-829-8201.



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