The Murder of Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell had recently moved back to his hometown of Escanaba, Michigan before he was found in a burning car. Who killed Adam?

Adam Campbell was a 26 year old father of one boy. He had fought through addiction like so many others but was getting back on his feet. Many describe him as a caring person who was always willing to help others. He also enjoyed spending time with friends, going out and enjoying life. 

On the night of April 8, 2011, Adam met up with some friends to hang out in a local bar. While there, he got a call from an unknown number. On the other end, a woman was asking him to meet her at another bar, Barron's Bar. Despite not knowing her, Adam and his friends headed that way. However, this mystery woman never showed up. Finally, around 2am, he decided it was time to go home. Adam didn't drive. He didn't even have a drivers license. So, he took off on foor and was seen on the bar's security camera walking away from the bar. This is the last time he would be seen alive. 

The fire department arrived on the scene of a car fire around 3:30 am on April 9, 2011. Dispatch had recieved a call about the car just moments before. Once the flames were put out, they discovered a body in the car. That body was later determined to be Adam Campbell. 

9 years later this is a cold case although police say that they are still actively working the case. Tips are still coming in regularly. Early in the investigation police, after receiving tips, have come to believe that this was caused by a case of mistaken identity. The Escanaba police have provided very little details around his murder. His cause of death has never been released to the public. Tragically, within a year of his murder, Adam's father took his own life. 

If you have any information regarding the murder of Adam Campbell, call the Escanaba Department of Public Safety at 906-786-5911.



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