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The Murder of Rosenda Strong

Rosenda Strong was last seen leaving her sister's home to go to a local casino with a friend. Who killed this mother of four? Rosenda Strong was a young mother of four children who unfortunately has become another Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman . The statistics are heartbreaking which is why we need to focus on all cases across the board.  She was preparing for a night out with friend at the Yakama Nation Legends Casino in Toppenish, Washington on October 2, 2018. Rosenda is a member of the Confederate Tribes of Unatilla and is descended from the Yakama Nation. Both federal and tribal authorities were involved in the search for Rosenda after she disappeared that fall night.  It was not until July 4, 2019 that the body of Rosenda Strong was discovered in a freezer by two homeless people off of Highway 97. Police have release little information other than she was identified using dental records.  She is one of 23 Native women/girls who have disappeared, been murdered or died m

The Murder of Chelsea Johnson

April 15, 2012 was the last time Chelsea Johnson was seen alive in Fairfield, Ohio. Who killed this 15 year old girl? 24 hours after she last saw her daughter, Vicky Fible, reported her daughter missing. She last saw Chelsea leaving their home to go to a local store. She had not seen or heard from her daughter since 11:30 am that morning. Although she was concerned that her daughter had not returned home, she believed that she had to wait 24 hours to report her missing. Which is a false assumption that many people have. Her parents had no idea what had happened to their happy, bubbly daughter.  The day after she went missing a neighbor stated that she had said something about going to the creek to fish. This neighbor was the last person to see Chelsea alive. Once her step father heard this information, he headed to a local creek to search for her. That is the area where her step father and a family friend discovered her body. Chelsea Johnson had been stabbed to death. In the days leadi

The Murder of Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell had recently moved back to his hometown of Escanaba, Michigan before he was found in a burning car. Who killed Adam? Adam Campbell was a 26 year old father of one boy. He had fought through addiction like so many others but was getting back on his feet. Many describe him as a caring person who was always willing to help others. He also enjoyed spending time with friends, going out and enjoying life.  On the night of April 8, 2011, Adam met up with some friends to hang out in a local bar. While there, he got a call from an unknown number. On the other end, a woman was asking him to meet her at another bar, Barron's Bar. Despite not knowing her, Adam and his friends headed that way. However, this mystery woman never showed up. Finally, around 2am, he decided it was time to go home. Adam didn't drive. He didn't even have a drivers license. So, he took off on foor and was seen on the bar's security camera walking away from the bar. This is the last time he wou