The Disappearance of Scott and Amy Fandel

Siblings Scott and Amy Fandel disappeared from their cabin near Sterling, Alaska on September 4, 1978. The two children have never been seen since. 

The Night They Disappeared

The night that 13 year old Scott and 8 year old Amy Fandel went missing, they had been with their aunt and mother at Good Time Charlie's, a bar/restaurant. The kids were taken back to their home by Margaret (mom) and Cathy (aunt). Then, their mom and aunt returned to the bar. 

Scott and Amy decided to head to their neighbors house to play with the kids there. After a while the kids returned home. Around 11:45 pm, a passing car saw the lights on at the 2 bedroom cabin. 

When Margaret and Cathy returned home between 2-3 am, the lights were off but a pot of water was boiling on the stove. Scott was known to make a snack out of tomatoes and macaroni and cheese before bed. They assumed the kids were asleep at the neighbors house so Margaret and Cathy went to bed. 

Where Did They Go?

Margaret had to be at work at 8:30 the next morning. She decided to call the school around noon. That is when she discovered that Amy never made it to school. However, her boss would not let her leave work to try and see what was going on. 

Then, the Lupton kids from next door went to the cabin after school to check on Scott and Amy. However, when Cathy answered the door she discovered that the siblings never made it to school that day. She immediately called Margaret to let her know. The police were called at this time. 

Police immediately suspected that the children were abducted. It is believed that Scott was interrupted while making his nightly snack. 

Pointing Fingers

The children's father, Roger Fandel, was living in Arizona when the kids disappeared. Although he was considered both children's father, he was only Amy's biological father. Scott's biological father lived in Illinois. Not long after their suspected abduction, Scott returned to Alaska to help look for them. While he is the only named suspect, police ultimately determined it was unlikely he was involved.

However, this was not the end of other people's suspicions. Margaret's brother, Terry, has stated numerous times that he believes Scott was involved with the disappearance of his niece and nephew. Terry also believes that Scott was killed shortly after the abduction but that Amy could still be out there alive. He believed she could be in Anchorage, Alaska, Lompac, California, or Drummond, Montana. 

In addition to this, Roger's own family immediately started pointing fingers at one another. Roger accused his uncle, Herman, of killing the children. Herman accused Roger of being responsible for what happened to Scott and Amy. 

Even more suspicious, a woman that Scott dated tried to get $5,000 from a family member in exchange for telling them what happened to the children.

Ultimately, no trace of the children have been found. Margaret turned to alcohol to cope. Eventually she returned to the Midwest, quit drinking and remarried. 

Scott was described as a street wise kid who was very protective of his sister. Amy is remembered as a sweet and beautiful girl. 

If you have any information about Scott and Amy Fandel, please contact the Alaska State Police at 907-262-4453.



  1. So there were no other suspects other than Scott the dad?

    1. I could not find any other named suspects in my research.


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