The Disappearance of Henry and Kristie Wilson

Henry and Kristie Wilson left her aunt's house on May 9th, 2018 in the evening to return to their home in Monterey, Tennessee but have never been seen again. 

Where Did They Go?

Despite sharing a last name, the couple were not married. They had a rocky relationship. Finances were an issue. Kristie was on disability and Henry worked as a day laborer and struggled with drug addiction. They would never go more than a day or two without contacting family or close friends.  

Henry had went to pick up Kristie at her aunt's home that evening. After leaving there, they stopped by Tom's Market to get cigarettes. 

The following day, May 10th, 2018, Henry's cell phone pinged off a cell tower in Fentress County. Later on, Kristie's pinged off a tower near Overton, Tennessee in the Coy Phillips Road area. 

Immediately their family knew that something was wrong. However, when they tried to file a missing persons report, law enforcement declined to let them file a report stating that they couple were adults  (Kristie was 39 and Henry was 75 at the time the disappeared) and maybe they just left. However, that didn't stop the family. They started searching and passing out fliers. That is how the family discovered that Henry and Kristie had gone to Tom's Market.  The family also hired a private investigator to help find the couple.

A Discovery

On September 29, 2018, an abandoned car was found near an old river bed in a ravine off of Hanging Limb Highway. It was Henry and Kristie's car. The car had been in this location so long that plants were growing in it. Despite this crucial discovery, no trace of the couple was discovered at the scene. 

The family's frustration with the investigation continued. Within the first year of the case, it was shuffled between three different departments. The case began in Cookeville Police Department since that is where the couple lived. Once it was discovered that they were last seen at Tom's Market, the case was transferred to Monterey PD. Yet, it doesn't stop there... after evidence was discovered in Overton County, it was transferred one more time to the police department there. Why shuffle a case around and not just involve all agencies in the investigation? The family were not quiet about their dissatisfaction with law enforcement. They also have stated that law enforcement have stopped responding to their calls. 


In the time while they family had employed the private investigator, some rumors came to light. I have to use rumors as no evidence has corroborated these stories and no one has come forward publicly either. Per the family, multiple people have shared a similar story with their PI although no one will come forward. The family believes that their disappearance and deaths were the result of a drug deal gone wrong. According to those that spoke with the PI, there is a recording of the events of that night (whether actual recording or someone retelling what happened, I'm not sure and haven't been able to find anything that specifically states)

According to these rumors, Henry got into it with Person A who then shots Henry. When Kristie stats screaming, Person B shoots her. 

Police have come forward stating that they believe the couple met with foul play. The family has asked for anyone with information to come forward but believes that no one will out of fear for their own lives. 

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of  Henry and Kristie Wilson, please call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 800-TBI-FIND (800-824-3463).



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