The Murder of Beth Ann Bodenschatz


In the rural town of Croyle Township, Pennsylvania, a call for emergency services is placed shortly after three children return home from school. The Bodenschatz children arrived home around 2:30 pm on January 12, 1996 to a devastating sight. Their mother, Beth Ann Bodenschatz, had been murdered. 

Beth Ann was a registered nurse at nearby Lee Hospital. She led a quiet life with her husband and children in that small town. A small town that was shocked to it's core the day she was murdered and still echoes some of the same sentiment to this day. 

The fourth Bodenschatz child, a five year old son, was home during the murder. He reported to police that he heard his mother arguing with the man and that he saw that the man had gun. His mother started yelling at the man who had brown hair and a brown jacket. 

Once on the scene, police believe that the intruder may have been a home invader. Neighbors reported seeing a vehicle that may have been similar to a Suburu car parked at the end of the Bodenschatz driveway. Some also stated that they witnessed a white male walking away from the home and toward the vehicle. Ultimately, it was determined that Beth Ann had not been sexually assaulted and, from the evidence at the scene, everything began in the kitchen, From there it progressed to the bedroom where Beth Ann Bodenschatz was shot to death. She died of a single gunshot would to the head. Although she was only shot once, more than one bullet had been fired inside the home. 

Cases like this, in a small town, are few and far between. Despite this, media coverage quickly faded within a year and the case quickly went cold. 

Within the next 10 years, police released an image of a ring similar to the 2 carat diamond ring that was the only thing taken from the home that day. They also searched a wooded area for the .40 calibur  Glock handgun that is believed to be the murder weapon. In, 2008, billboards were placed in the hopes of generating new leads. However, neither of this revelations led to any leads or tips to her killer.

While the case is cold, it is still considered an active investigation. If you have any information regarding the murder of Beth Ann Bodenschatz, please contact the Pennsylvania State Polive at 814-471-6500 or the Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers at 1-800-472-8477 (800-4PA-TIPS).



  1. Did a patient die in Dec 1995 or Jan 1996 at Lee Hospital while under her and the surgeon's care that the spouse was angry and felt she was responsible?
    Also, have they done a hypnosis on the 5 yr old son to get him to give a good description of the man.
    And was a report run of all owners in Cambria County with that type and color of car?
    It would help to know what the police have in their file so we can help fill in the rest.

    1. Unfortunately, this case was one that I wasn't able to find much information on. So, there are a lot of unknowns.


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