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The Murder of Nicole Westbrook

On April 22, 2012, Nicole Westbrook was walking to her new apartment after a night out when she was shot.  Who Was Nicole Westbrook? At the time of her murder, 21 year old Nicole had just moved to Seattle, Washington . A member of the Navajo Nation, she had grown up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had moved with her boyfriend, Bryant Griffin, to Seattle to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef.  Her family was no stranger to heartbreak. Her father, Sargent Marshall Westbrook was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2005. Just 4 years later, her uncle was killed in Afghanistan while serving in the military.  A Night Out On the night of April 22, the couple decided to go out to celebrate Bryant's first check after their move. They ended the night by going to a comedy club. Around 2am, they walked to their apartment at the Quintessa. Despite "Private Property" and "No Loitering" signs all around the front of the building, there was a group of around 20 people

The Murder of William Montgomery

31 years ago, on July 8, 1989, along a rural road in Southern Indiana, William Montgomery's body is discovered in a field. Who killed William Montgomery?  William "Billy" Montgomery was a husband and father. He had loved working with horses and had plans to leave his job to do just that. July 1989 William Montgomery was a cab driver from Louisville, Kentucky. On July 7th around 3 am, he went to pick up a fare at bar in Louisville. However, he never picked them up.  It is reported that he was last seen with 2 white males in their late teens or early 20s.  The day before his body was discovered, his cab w was s found abandoned along McCracken Road and Highway 150 near Palmyra, Indiana. No one knows how or why he ended up in Southern Indiana. Approximately one mile away, his body was found in a ditch. He had been shot in the head. The Stolen Car In his cab, police found beer cans that ended up being linked to evidence found in a stolen car that was abandoned i

The Disappearance of Tiffany Dixon

On the morning of October 10, 1991, Tiffany Dixon walked her brother to school. She was never seen again. Where is Tiffany Dixon?    According to Tiffany's aunt, Norma Delgado, she was a very responsible 12-year-old. Her mother had placed Tiffany and her brother with their aunt due to health conditions. Their aunt took legal custody of them 3 years after taking them in. At the time she disappeared, Tiffany lived in Bushwick which is part of Brooklyn, New York.  What Happened That Morning Around 7:30 am, Tiffany Davis, watched her 8-year-old brother walk into his elementary school. This is what she did every morning. After watching him reach the door, she continued on her way. Her Junior High School was about 3-4 blocks away. Around 8 am, she was seen in the area of the school. However, she never made it to class that morning.  Unfortunately, there were not many leads for investigators to follow.  Both her aunt and the police do not think she left on her own. Tiffany was very

The Disappearance of Erica Fraysure

October 21, 1997, Erica Fraysure disappeared without a trace in the tiny town of Brooksville, Kentucky. Her car was found the next day but she has never been seen again. Where is Erica Fraysure? Who was Erica Fraysure? Erica Fraysure was a senior at Bracken County High School. She was planning to attend Northern Kentucky University after graduation to study accounting. She made a request for more hours at Carota's Pizza to save money. Erica was a great student who was witty and funny. Her home life was normal according to all the information I have found. She was a typical small-town girl. Erica had recently been hanging out with a "rough crowd". There are no indications that something would have caused her to walk away from her life on her own. October 21, 1997 Erica was seen between 9 and 10 pm at Video-N-Tan. She was driving toward her home in Germantown, Kentucky. Ultimately, Erica never arrived home . She had spent the evening "cruising" around town wit

The Disappearance of Brookelyn Farthing

June 22, 2013, is the last time Brookelyn Farthing was seen after a mysterious fire at a friend's house. Where is Brookelyn Shae Farthing? Who is Brookelyn? At the time of her disappearance, Brookelyn was an 18-year-old blonde from Berea, Kentucky.  Brookelyn's sister has described her as "a spunky, tell you how it is, loveable person. She loved animals and the outdoors. But she was a true girly girl, who loved pink and camouflage. She would do anything to help anyone. She had the sweetest deep long country sounding voice you can only find in Kentucky."   She  sounds like a typical girl here in Kentuckiana. The Night of Her Disappearance The night Brookelyn Farthing disappeared, she went out with her younger sister and cousin to a birthday party.  Shortly after arriving, her cousin and sister decided to leave. Brooke had made plans to spend the night with a close friend and had taken some things with her for that. However, those plans fell through. She had a disa