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The Disappearance of Kimberly Abercrombie

In 2013, a young mother disappeared without a trace from a small Kentucky town. However, her case received minimal coverage at best. Where is Kimberly Abercrombie?   Kimberly Abercrombie was 23 years old when she disappeared. Her husband had been deployed to Afghanistan which left her to take care of their children. She was working at a bar and grill after moving back to Brooksville, Kentucky. The day she disappeared she said she was going to return home later. However, she never returned. Her car was found the next day near a park in Johnsville, Kentucky.      Her case received little attention from the media. Most likely due to her history with drugs. Ultimately, this is all the information I was able to find on the disappearance of Kimberly Abercrombie. If you have information regarding her disappearance, please call the Kentucky State Police at 859-428-1212.   Sources: The Charley Project PL8 PIC Track Missing KY Missing

The Death of LaVena Johnson

Just days before her 20th birthday, LaVena Johnson's body was found in a tent in Balad, Iraq. The tent had been set on fire but the biggest question remains unanswered. Who killed LaVena Johnson? Who Was LaVena Johnson? She was an honors student and graduated from Hazelwood Central High School in Florissant, Missouri. LaVena had decided to go into the Army to help pay for her education as she did not want to place a greater financial burden on her parents. Despite their reservations, she enlisted.Private First Class Johnson served from 2003 until her death which the Army ruled a suicide. LaVena Johnson was deployed to Iraq just 2 months before her death. However, that ruling never sat well with her family. Questions From the Family Private LaVena Johnson's death was quickly ruled a suicide. Her parents were supposed to be informed of the autopsy findings immediately. However, they were not contacted until August 3, 2005. The autopsy was completed on July 22, 2005.  Thi

The Disappearane of Crystal Grubb

  October 1, 2010, a body is discovered in a cornfield just north of Bloomington, Indiana. It is the body of a young mother, Crystal Grubb, laid among the rows of corn stalks. I came across this case while researching the very publicized case of Lauren Spierer. I had never heard about Crystal despite being somewhat local to Bloomington. So, I switched gears (not that Lauren's case isn't as important) because cases like this are often overshadowed by larger cases. Many feel that Crystal's case was given less publicity because of her socioeconomic situation. In fact, if you google this case you will get results for articles on Lauren. Who is Crystal Grubb? Crystal was born on August 22, 1981, to a working-class family in Bloomington, Indiana. She was a high school dropout who had a history with drugs. At a young age, she met an older man and had 2 daughters. Her life was not an easy one. In the last few years of her life, Crystal got deeper into drugs including meth.

The Disappearance of Ann Gotlib

On June 1, 1983 in Louisville, Kentucky, 12one-year-old Ann Gotlib rode her bike to Bashford Manor Mall and was never seen again.      Ann was a Russian Jewish immigrant who moved to the United States in 1980 with her parents, Anatoly and Lyudmila Gotlib. Born on May 5, 1971, in Russia, Ann was fluent in both Russian and English. We do know that she had red curly hair, gray eyes, and freckles. She lived very close to the mall and was last seen between 5:30-6: 00 pm that evening.  Then nothing.  She's never been seen since. The Investigation into the Disappearance of Ann Here is what we do know about the investigation:  • The FBI was involved.   • 2 sex offenders in the area were questioned.  No further information is available regarding this. I can only assume they had alibis or nothing tying them to the crime.   • Her bike was found outside Bacon's department store.   • Bloodhounds tracked her scent to a ditch near the mall and to the apartment window of Ann's friend