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The Murder of Delmar Wilson

In rural Indiana in 1994, Delmar Wilson was found dead in his car. The case is unsolved until this day. Who killed Delmar Wilson?  Delmar Wilson was a 20-year-old man with long brown hair. He loved fishing, hunting, and being outdoors.  On the morning of June 12, 1994, he left his girlfriend's house. It was the last time he was seen alive.  Around 8 am, a motorist discovered a 1987 Chrysler along the side of a road off Highway 150. Inside was Delmar show in the head. He sustained a gunshot blast to the face and the window of the car was rolled down. Police think that he knew his killer.   Unfortunately, very few clues were found at the scene. While almost 20 years have gone by, authorities have not given up on this case.   All it will take is one person coming forward.  If you have information regarding the murder of Delmar Wilson, please contact Indiana State Police at 812-246-2509. Sources: Police seek help in 11-year-old murder You Can Solve This Cold Case Find a Grave

The Disappearance of Larissa Sam

In the early morning hours of June 21, 2015, Larissa Sam left her uncle's house in Indianapolis, Indiana and has never to be seen again. Where is Larissa Sam? What Happened After Work? Larissa got off work at her job at a strip club and went to her uncle's house for drinks. She had arranged to pick up her son the following day. Larissa left her uncle's house around 4:30 am but it wasn't until she did not pick up her son that her family became concerned. Larissa was a devoted, loving mother. It was extremely out of character for her not to pick him up. She had been working on getting out the business of being a dancer. She loved music and was set to audition for American Idol. Where is Larissa? Her car was found later. Inside the car was her cell phone and the keys in the ignition. The car also had a flat tire as it sat in the driveway of an abandoned home on Lyons Avenue in Indianapolis. A neighbor provided police with a video of someone parking the car and walking aw

The Murder of Paige Johnson

In the early morning hours of September 23, 2010, 17 year old Paige Johnson was last seen by an adult male friend in Covington, Kentucky. Paige was never seen again. However the disappearance of Paige Johnson took a drastic turn in early 2020. What Happened the Night She Disappeared? Paige Johnson went to a party the night she disappeared. She has asked her sister to go with her but her sister had other plans. She was seen leaving with her friend Jacob Bumpass. Bumpass was 22 at the time of her disappearance. Paige's mother was not comfortable with him being around her daughter at all. According to Jacob Bumpass, he dropped Paige off at 15th Street and Scott in Covington around 1am.  However, police do not believe his version of events.   The Investigation Despite what Bumpass said, police were able to prove via cellphone pings that he was not in the area he claimed to have dropped Paige off at. His phone pinged in Florence, Kentucky 10 miles away. Around 4am that morning, his

The Murder of Patrick Cress

In the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, 14-year old Patrick Cress was to meet his parents at Safeway in the Juanita neighborhood. However, when they arrived to pick him, he had vanished. Just days later his body was found. Who killed Patrick Cress? April 30, 1983 Saturday, April 30th was like many other Saturdays around the country. Patrick Cress had spent the night at a friend's house. He called his dad just afternoon to pick him up.  The Cress family was new to the area . So they agreed to meet at a Safeway grocery store in his friend's neighborhood. A little while later, Pat called home to see if his ride was coming. His sister said their dad was on the way.  Sometime later, when his dad arrived Patrick was gone. Patrick wasn't the type of kid to just not be there when he said he was going to be. He was always either arriving right on time if not early. Despite having ADD and being a hyperactive kid, this was one thing his parents could depend on. Then Rumors Begin