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The Disappearance of Diamond Bynum and King Walker

July 25, 2015, Diamond Bynum and her nephew, King Walker, disappeared without a trace. Finally, 6 weeks later, a Silver Alert was issues. Where are Diamond Bynum and King Walker? To start with, Diamond Walker has developmental disabilities. She is diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome. To explain, this condition consists of short stature, constant feeling of hunger, and mental disability. Diamond has the mental capacity of a 5 to 7 year old. She also has difficulty speaking. On July 25th, Diamond and King were at a her home in Gary, Indiana. She lives with her parents. They also see her nephew, King Walker often. Her stepmother awoke from a nap to find the two gone. She believed that they may have headed a few blocks away to a local store.  However, Diamond never went far from the home she shared with her father and stepmother.  They recently moved from Hammond, Indiana. Therefore, she is not familiar with the area. Immediately, the family began to search the area around the home.  Aut

The Murder of Tabitha Raines

In Tipton, Indiana on October 5, 2002, the body of Tabitha Raines was found dead in a creek. No one had been convicted in 18 years. Who killed Tabitha? October 2002 At the time of her murder, Tabitha was married with a 6 month old son. Her husband was perusing a degree in mechanics and business. He was in Indianapolis taking a test he missed when family urged him to come home. They also told him he needed to file a missing persons report. Her family and friends began searching immediately. They knew something wasn't right. They looked all over. Even in the park where she was ultimately found. 3 days after she was last seen, 2 kids went fishing at Cicero Creek. That is when the discovered the body of Tabitha floating in the creek. She had been shot in the head. Police were able to collect some evidence that was sent off for testing. When toxicology came back, she had alcohol and cocaine in her system. In the meantime, they focused on Michael Raines as their suspect. New Suspects

The Murder of Alexandra Anaya

August 13, 2005, 13-year-old Alexandra Anya disappeared from her home. Her torso was found 3 days later floating in a river. Who murdered Alexandra Anaya? August 13, 2005 Alex's mother, Sandra, last saw her daughter in the very that early morning at the family's home on Pine Avenue. When she left the home that morning while Alex was eating White Castle. However, when she returned home Alex was gone. Sandra was only gone for a few hours. When she came home, Alex was gone. She was reported missing the same day. The family now had to wait. August 16, 2005 Boaters, on the Little Calumet River in Chicago, found the torso of a female. The torso was wrapped in chains. The discovery made the news.  Lieutenant Ron Johnson was assigned to Alexandra's case. When he saw the news, he called Chicago police immediately. Now, DNA testing would need to take place to determine if this was her. During this time period, Sandra Anaya went to a police department in Chicago. She was pr

The Disappearance of Anna Lee Manning

On November 19, 1992, 23 year old Anna Lee Manning was last seen in Danville, Kentucky. She has not been seen or heard from since that day. Where is Anna Manning? What We Know Anna was last seen with an unknown white male outside Chinn's Jewelry. She called out to her aunt that she needed to speak with her. That was the last time anyone heard from Anna It took 15 months for an official missing persons report to be filed. Her Marriage At the young age of 16, she married Anthony Manning. Her marriage was one of control and isolation. Due to this, Anna was very distant from her family. Her family didn't even know where she was living when she disappeared. April 1992 By this time, Anna and Anthony had separated. They had a daughter who was a toddler at the time. One day Anthony dropped their daughter off to Anna but this wasn't a typical drop off.  Allegedly, he walked in the house with their 2 year old daughter. When Anna refused to have sex with him, he handcuffed her. Th