The Murder of Vickie Lynn Harrell

In August of 1972, a young mother got into her car at K-Mart and was not seen again. Her body was found days later. Who killed Vickie Lynn Harrell?

Vickie Lynn Harrell was murdered in Bloomington, Indiana in 1972 | Momma Loves True Crime

August 12-15, 1972

Vickie Lynn Harrell was last seen getting into her blue 1965 Plymouth in the parking lot of the K-Mart where she worked. Vickie was a divorcee and mother of a young daughter living in Bloomington, Indiana.

The following day, August 13th, Vickie's roommate, concerned that she had not returned home, called the police. She stated that she had not heard from Vickie and that is was unusual. However, we are not sure where her daughter is at this time.

On August 14th, her car is discovered in the area of College Mall in Bloomington. One day before her 26th birthday, the body of Vickie Lynn Harrell was found. She was discovered by a worker of the Owen County Highway department facedown in the water in a ditch along the road.

There is no evidence of a struggle at the scene but the letters KN are carved into her chest. Her autopsy determined that she was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. She was naked and dumped at this place. None of Vickie's belongings, including her clothes, were found. 

While this case was shocking, it quickly disappeared from the headlines. 

If you have any information regarding the murder of Vickie Lynn Harrell, please contact the Indiana State Police at 1-800-423-1286.


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