The Disappearance of Brookley Louks

June 24, 2002, Brookley Louks of Greenwood, Indiana called her mother from her father's house. This was the last time her mother spoke with her. Where is Brookley Louks?

Brookley Loyks went missing from Greenwood, Indiana in 2002 | Momma Loves True Crime


Who was Brookley?

At the time of her disappearance, Brookley was 19 years old. She had previous legal trouble due to her meth addiction. However, by 2002, she was in recovery and almost finished with her probation. Things were looking up and she was pursuing a career in modeling. 

June 24, 2002

Brookley arrived at the apartment that she lived with her dad, Scott. When she entered the apartment she saw items, such as her dad's computer, were missing. She called the police to report the burglary. 

Officers left the apartment around 5:30 pm. Sometime later, she called her mother. The phone call was described as odd. However, they got off the phone and Brookley headed to a friend's house to spend the night.

She was never seen again. On July 1st, her car was found in a parking lot in Waverly, Indiana. The car had been abandoned. No trace of Brookley was found.
Brookley Loyks went missing from Greenwood, Indiana in 2002 | Momma Loves True Crime

Joseph Nowicki

A friend of the family with a lengthy criminal history has been a major focus of the investigation into Brookley's disappearance. Joe Nowicki had admitted to the police that he had information as to her whereabouts. However, he never said anything more. 

His fingerprint was found on the hood of her car. Nowicki claims he recently worked on her car. In addition, police found blood in Nowicki's workshop. He claimed it was his blood.

Ultimately, DNA testing confirmed it was Brookley's blood. It also appeared that someone had tried to mop up in the same area. There was not enough blood to determine what had happened.

It was also reported that he called several people looking for a ride back home. These calls were placed from the same area her car was found.

Joseph Nowicki died in 2003 without ever having spoken further to authorities about Brookley.

Brookley Loyks went missing from Greenwood, Indiana in 2002 | Momma Loves True Crime


What Did Her Father Know?

Police felt very strongly that her dad, Scott, knew more than he was telling them. He was even given immunity after an interview in July 2002. After that, he retained a lawyer and did not speak with authorities again.

Scott died in November 2002 of natural causes related to excessive drug and alcohol abuse. He never told another soul what he may have known about his daughter's disappearance.


I have read and heard different accounts of what family felt happened to Brookley. One theory is that she went to confront Lowicki over the burglary. Brookley's dad, Scott, was also using drugs and maybe she thought it was all connected. This confrontation could be what led to her disappearance at the hands of Nowicki.

A second theory is that Nowicki was infatuated with Brookley. It is believed that he became upset when she started spending more time with kids her age. Either way, all theories lead back to Nowicki. 

Brookley Loyks went missing from Greenwood, Indiana in 2002 | Momma Loves True Crime

Where is Brookley Louks?

Her family feels that there are several people who know what happened but no one has come forward.

Ultimately, no one knows what happened to Brookley.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Brookley Louks, please contact the Greenwood Police Department at 317-887-5212.


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