The Murder of Melanie Meleney

October 11, 2018, was the last time Melanie Faith Meleney was seen in Glen Burnie, Maryland. 10 days later a leg was found along a creek. It was Melanie's. Who killed Melanie Meleney?

Who was Melanie Meleney?

Melanie was a small woman physically but was the biggest personality in the room. Although she had struggled with alcohol in her past, Melanie had turned her life around. She could be a bit rowdy teasing friends and having fun. More importantly, she was very loyal with a big heart.

At the time she disappeared, Melanie was 45 and working at Amazon. She has 2 children and 2 grandbabies with one on the way. She was so excited about the upcoming birth of her grandbaby. She was buying purple (her favorite color) outfits and counting down the days.

Despite having tough times, Melanie made sure her children had what they needed in life. She was also very, very close to her mother.

She had been dating her boyfriend for a year. They lived together at Chesapeake Glen Apartments in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Only a few people knew of the troubles that she was having in her relationship with her boyfriend.

What very few knew was that she was being mentally and physically abused in her new relationship.

October 2018

Melanie was last seen at her home in the Chesapeake Glen Apartments. After repeated attempts to reach her, her son filed a missing person report. Police are able to verify that she texted a friend on the morning of October 12th. However, that text was a single emoji.

So no one had truly had contact with her since the day before. Other than her boyfriend who she was living with. The only things missing from her apartment were her ID and phone.

Her car was still parked in front of her apartment. Due to back issues, Melanie would not have walked anywhere. So, how did she leave the apartment? Initially, the police dismissed the fact that anything suspicious had happened. Even a week later, the police told her family she was off partying. 

Melanie's friends and family knew that she would not go more than one or two days without speaking to her mother. They were out searching the day she was reported missing. Looking for her body.

They knew from the beginning that something bad had happened.

A Tragic Discovery

10 days later on October 23, a couple was out walking their dog and made a horrific discovery. They found a human leg that had been removed.

Ultimately, once DNA tests were completed, it was confirmed that the leg belongs to Melanie. The medical examiner was unable to determine the cause of death.

Police finally began their investigation into her disappearance. They questioned friends and family. Her boyfriend, who was the last one to see Melanie, was also interrogated. At this time, police have never announced a suspect or person of interest in the case.

However, the police continue to investigate it as a missing person case, not a homicide.

Who Killed Melanie?

Her family feels that they know who had a hand in Melanie's disappearance and murder. However, there just is not enough evidence.

A $13,000 reward is being offered for a credible tip that leads to an arrest and conviction. Someone out there knows something and it is time for them to come forward.

If you know anything regarding the disappearance of Melanie Meleney, call the Anne Arundel County Missing Persons Squad at 410-222-4731.

A big thank you to the friends behind the Facebook page, Help Find Melanie's Killer, for giving me some insight to who Melanie was.


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