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The Murder of Jill-Lyn Euto

On January 29, 2001, the body of Jill-Lyn Euto is discovered in Syracuse,  New York apartment. Who killed Jill-Lyn? Super Bowl Sunday Jill-Lyn was an 18-year-old student. She was working at a retail clothing store while training to be a paramedic. She was supposed to meet her mother and sister that Super Bowl Sunday to watch the game. When she didn't show up, her mother became concerned. She called Jill-Lyn but no answer. Her mother also discovered that she had not shown up for her shift at work. Her concerned mother did what any mom would do next. She went to her apartment. In her 6th floor apartment in Syracuse, her mother made a horrific discovery. She discovered the body of her daughter and promptly called the police. The Investigation Police arrived at the scene and determined that Jill-Lyn Euto had been violently stabbed to death. It is suspected that she was killed on January 28th between noon and 3 pm. Considering the lock was not broken and no money was taken, could the

The Murder of Susan Poupart

May 20, 1990 was the last time Susan Poupart was seen alive. Six month later her body was found by hunters. Who killed Susan Poupart?   Who was Susan? Susan Poupart was a 29 year old mother of two children who was from Lac du Flambeau , Wisconsin. Susan was a beautiful Native American woman.   Anyone who knows about true crime can attest to the fact that many missing and murdered indigenous women occur all over North America. These cases often go unsolved due to so many different agencies involved then they all say it's not their case. Frustrating, right? The Last Time She was Seen May 20, 1990 was the last time Susan Pouport was seen in the very early hours of the morning. She was at a party in Lac du Flambeau . There have been conflicting reports about if she willingly  or unwillingly left with two men from the party. Either way, she met with foul play after this time.  Her partial remains were discovered by hunters in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest . Alon

The Disappearance of Angela Hammond

On April 4, 1990, in the small town of Clayton, Missouri, Angela Hammond stopped at a payphone to call her boyfriend. Then, a scream came across the phone and she was gone. Never to be seen again. Where is Angela Hammond?   Who is Angela Hammond Angela Hammond, better known as Angie, was a small-town girl with big dreams. 20-year-old Angie was petite at just 4 for 11 inches tall. She was smart and outgoing. Rob Shafer and Angie met two years earlier and the rest was history. While they were excited about the arrival of their baby within the next 5 months, they were chasing their dreams. Angie was in college and Rob was going to enlist in the military. Everything seemed to be on track for the happy couple.  The Abduction Rob and Angie made plans to meet after he was finished babysitting his little brother. Angie met a friend that evening to hang out before meeting Rob. Around 11 pm, she said goodbye to her friend but decided she was too tired to do anything else. Being 4 months pregna

The Murder of Melanie Meleney

October 11, 2018, was the last time Melanie Faith Meleney was seen in Glen Burnie, Maryland. 10 days later a leg was found along a creek. It was Melanie's. Who killed Melanie Meleney? Who was Melanie Meleney? Melanie was a small woman physically but was the biggest personality in the room. Although she had struggled with alcohol in her past, Melanie had turned her life around. She could be a bit rowdy teasing friends and having fun. More importantly, she was very loyal with a big heart. At the time she disappeared, Melanie was 45 and working at Amazon. She has 2 children and 2 grandbabies with one on the way. She was so excited about the upcoming birth of her grandbaby. She was buying purple (her favorite color) outfits and counting down the days. Despite having tough times, Melanie made sure her children had what they needed in life. She was also very, very close to her mother. She had been dating her boyfriend for a year. They lived together at Chesapeake Glen Apartments in Gle

The Disappearance of Andrea Knabel

On August 13, 2019, Andrea Knabel disappeared from a street in Louisville, Kentucky. She is a mother who had run into some hard times. Where is Andrea Knabel? Who is Andrea Knabel? Andrea is a 37-year-old single mother of two kids. She was active with a group that helps locate missing persons. At the time of her disappearance, she had experienced a run of bad luck. She lost her job. Then her car was totaled in an accident. She has two sons but was separated from their fathers. The night she disappeared, the boys were with their respective fathers. Family and friends say that she is a devoted and loving mother. Andrea is described as a sweet, caring woman. She has dirty blonde hair, is around 5'7 and approximately 190lbs. The Timeline The following timeline was provided by the private investigator, Tracy Leonard on a Facebook live video for the page dedicated to finding Andrea. August 12, 2019 Prior to 11:22 pm Andrea was at a McDonalds on Popular Level Road with her sister&#